Photo courtesy of Ron Sowers

Renee King was born and raised in Lancaster County, PA. She grew up in a conservative environment where self expression was tempered by outside constraints. She credits her parents for their example in pushing the boundaries in allowing self expression.

As a child she appreciated the vibrant colors and patterns of the quilts made by her aunts and in retrospect sees it as the groundwork for her glass art. Brilliant colored flowers and birds also nourished her spirit.

She moved to Richmond VA as a young adult where she grew in appreciation of art and began collecting paintings but never saw herself as an artist. Following the death of a close friend in 2004 she discovered glass on glass mosaic. That medium provided her a way for her to express her grief.

A few years ago she began the joyous but laborious process of becoming a painter. She studied traditional oil painting with Charles Philip Brooks, tonalist painter, in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

She now lives in Winchester, Virginia.

Renee can be contacted at  or 804-514-0904.

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